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  • Sasquatch Soil

    Sasquatch Soil

    Deep in California’s Redwood Forest dwells the most sought after set of green thumbs of all time — Sasquatch! That’s right, Mother Nature’s hairy homeboy hasn’t been in hiding all these years. He’s been busy making soil. Which makes perfect sense when you think about it. Sasquatch has spent his entire life laying low in the woods. So he knows firsthand what kinds of natural, organic goodness makes plants grow best. Purveyor of all things dirty, protector of all things planty, Sasquatch seeks to restore peace between plant and man, one bountiful harvest at a time.

    A beastly blend of all-natural compost, mendo peat, forest humus, perlite, volcanic rock, composted rice hulls, worm castings, limestone, gypsum, kelp meal, trace minerals, humic acid, fulvic acid, compost tea, fish meal and mycorrhizal fungi.


  • Grassroots Fabric Pots

    Grassroots Fabric Pots

    Protect your Plants with Grassroots Fabric Pots

    * Materials are made 100% in the USA and sewn in Northern California.
    * Made with high quality, UV-resistant, and chemically stable fabric (BPA-free!)
    * Save money with no middle man. Pots ship to you directly from the people who make them.
    * These are soft-sided breathable aeration containers great for traditional soil or hydroponic use.
    * Grow bigger & better plants with soil aeration, proper drainage, and beneficial bacteria.


  • GreenGro Products

    GreenGro Products

    At GreenGro, LLC, our business philosophy is simple:

    Provide a product that is easy to use and that creates amazing results. We strive to sell the best organic and/or sustainable, All-in-one soil additives for the gardening and farming industries.

    The most important concept to our company is the idea of a living soil. Just as the ocean is full of life, soil is also teaming with a vast array of organisms that endure and rely on a symbiotic relationship. Our products all contain these beneficial microorganisms that will help your soil flourish and promote a living soil system for plants to thrive in.


  • OG Tea Products

    OG Tea Products

    The people at OG Tea Company are striving to think differently in a world that needs positive change. Our focus is clean, earth-friendly gardening, to promote positive health for Mother Earth, mind, body and spirit. The synergy that comes from co-operation is essential for all of existence. Using this idea as our inspiration, our research team has developed a special consortium of beneficial microbes that do just that, work together.

    Continuing with our research, we have discovered the optimum conditions for maximum microbial expansion using new technologies developed at leading international laboratories. At the same time, we have simplified the entire process for the end user. JUST ADD WATER. Our philosophy is that everything in existence must co-operate in order to thrive.


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