About Us

Deep in California’s Redwood Forest dwells the most sought after set of green thumbs of all time — Sasquatch! That’s right, Mother Nature’s hairy homeboy hasn’t been in hiding all these years. He’s been busy making soil. Which makes perfect sense when you think about it. Sasquatch has spent his entire life laying low in the woods. So he knows firsthand what kinds of natural, organic goodness makes plants grow best. Purveyor of all things dirty, protector of all things planty, Sasquatch seeks to restore peace between plant and man, one bountiful harvest at a time.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We want to make gardening easier, healthier and more plentiful for everyone. Whether you have a horticulture degree or just a desire to grow a garden, Sasquatch Soil gives plants beneficial nutrients and gives you legendary results.

Our Values

Our Values

Have Fun

Yes, we’re in the business of selling soil. But we’re a far cry from the old dry dirtbags you’re used to. With our company name and beastly back-story, we bring new energy and attitude to the soil industry and have a good time doing so. Because at the end of the day, we take our soil seriously, but ourselves, not so much.

Remain Rooted

We are committed to our craft, our community and our planet. We strive to educate the masses about responsible farming and take every opportunity we can to teach the importance of using organic ingredients, repurposing and reusing materials, respecting Mother Nature and protecting the Earth for future generations.

Constantly Dirtovate

From harvesting wild microbial mush samples from forest floors to mixing and matching natural ingredients at varying stages of decomposition, we constantly strive to find new and improved ways to naturally replicate the plant-nourishing powers of Mother Nature herself.

Protect & Save

Protecting our planet and nourishing its inhabitants is our top priority. Our soils contain only natural, organic ingredients. No chemical treatments used. No wasteful filler added. No harmful byproducts produced. In addition to our responsible farming products and practices, we’ve started a fund called ‘Sasquatch Saves’ to raise money for purchasing land and keeping it undeveloped.

Current Sighting

Current Sighting

Momo’s Mix

A beastly blend of organic compost, mendo peat, forest humus, perlite, volcanic rock, composted rice hulls, worm castings, limestone, gypsum, kelp meal, trace minerals, humic acid, fulvic acid, compost tea, fish meal and mycorrhizal fungi.

$97 Per Cubic Yard (20 Yard Minimum)