Mars II Series LED Grow Lights

Extreme LED power at an unbeatable price.

The Mars II series is an incredibly powerful and reliable grow light. As a re-invented version of our original Mars series, it has been upgraded to true 5-watt high-intensity LEDs. Mars II Series offers an extremely hard punch for a very affordable price. The Spectral blend consists of 6 different LED wavelengths at 425nm blue, 460nm blue, 630nm red, 655nm deep red,740nm infra-red, and 2700k-3000k.

Mars II Features:

*Mars II 1600w Control spectrum settings between Growth and Bloom mode.
*5 Watt High-intensity output LED Diodes
*Link multiple units together.
*Rugged construction.
*Easily serviceable because of its convenient design and standard parts.

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