Mars Reflector Series LED Grow Lights

The Mars Reflector Series Light is a powerful 5watt LED based unit featuring a custom spectrum diffuser to maximize energy efficiency and coverage area. The compact design, cool operating temperatures, and extra-large coverage area makes this series great for small growing areas where there is limited space.The Mars Reflector also feature a “Grow & Bloom” switch for maximum control and energy savings. Choose from Growth and Seeding mode (Veg) or Bloom mode.

The Mars Reflector series is the most efficient and cost-effective model we offer.Experience impressive results with your harvests.An impressive option for those seeking to get maximum coverage & output per watt,these units performance will exceed your expectations!

Mars Reflector Features:

* Control spectrum settings between Growth / Bloom Mode
* Premium Epistar ™ 5 Watt High-Intensity LEDs.
* Patented spectrum diffuser offers the best output efficiency
* Impressive coverage area per watt
* Maximized energy efficiency
* Perfect for grow tents & other small of enclosed areas

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