Veganic Special Sauce

Our vision with Veganic Special Sauce was to create a user friendly tea that gave dramatic results. In the beginning, we thought that intense brewing (aeration) was the “big” picture for microbial tea. But now we feel that the “big picture” is no brewer at all. Why deal with the struggle and mess of tea brewers when you can have a simple, hassle-free method that is every bit as effective.

Inspired and created by our P.H.D. science advisors, our special microbial blend was designed to not require excessive oxygen to properly inoculate. In fact, by not adding excessive oxygen all species of bacteria have a chance to inoculate at an equal pace and all do there job accordingly, keeping your plants healthy and vigorous.

The other ingredients have been added to feed the microbe population and also feed the plant. The results from Veganic Special Sauce can be seen within 48 hours from the first watering. This is the inoculation period of the bacteria. After the first watering (and 1st inoculation) of Veganic Special Sauce, the effects can be seen within 2 hrs of watering.

Typical effects are “leaves pointing to the light”, yellow and sick plants coming back to health, bigger more robust fruit and flower production, an increase in essential oil production and an all-over better quality finished product

Veganic Special Sauce is the perfect choice to add to your regime when you want to add the proven benefits from beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. Veganic Special Sauce works with every nutrient, every growing style and can be used every watering. Veganic Special Sauce is also veganic. So it can be used in strict organic/veganic production.

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