Mexican Marigold

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Packet: 0.1 gram, ~75 seeds


Mexican Marigold (Tagetes minuta) is a very hardy Marigold, growing to heights up to 8′ in near-drought conditions. The dark-green foliage is beautiful and fragrant, from which a traditional medicinal tea can be made to treat the common cold. The tiny flowers are attractive to pollinators and beneficial insects of all kinds. If allowed to go to seed, it will re-seed readily, and be a garden companion every year.

Mexican Marigold holds great promise as a companion plant, repelling pathogenic nematodes by secreting nematicidal compounds from its roots. We believe it can also be used as a cover crop in situations where nematodes are a problem – a 100-day cover crop of Mexican Marigold, tilled into the soil before setting seed – prior to planting a vegetable crop that may be susceptible to nematodes.

105 days to flower. Re-seeding Annual

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