Roman Chamomile

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Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile) is a low-growing, herbaceous perennial commonly grown as a ground cover in permaculture systems. The species has a similar use to the more common annual German chamomile – the blossoms can be used fresh or dried as a calming tea – but the Roman variety yields blossoms that are denser and more pronounced than the German variety. The Roman flowers are also less saccharine smelling than the German variety, having an almost skunky aroma. The blossoms can be harvested with a chamomile rake, but is a bit more difficult because of the density of the flowers. Expect lots of green, chamomile-scented matted foliage prior to flowering in early summer. We started ours in late summer and got blooms the following May. Spring-sown seeds will likely flower sooner. A gourmet chamomile that is a must-have for the perennial herb grower!

65 days. Perennial.

Grown at Mano Farm in Ojai, California.

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