Sweet Meat “Ojai Homestead” Winter Squash

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Packet: 6 grams, ~30 seeds


Sweet Meat “Ojai Homestead” (Cucurbita maxima) is our improved selection of this classic winter squash. Carol Deppe, author of The Resilient Gardener, spent years re-selecting Sweet Meat, adding “Oregon Homestead” to the name to note her improvements to this variety. Our quality selections are a continuation of hers: extra thick, sweet flesh; small seed cavity; long-storage; vigorous, productive vines.  
We’re really excited about this one…HUGE vines, producing 2–3 giant squash (10-20lbs) that can store well into late winter in. Light blue skin and vibrant yellow-orange flesh that is very dry and really sweet. Half of one of these large, beautiful fruits has filled up three hungry farmers on many a night. Excellent baked, in soups or pies. Just beautiful.  
110 days. Annual.

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Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 5 × .5 in


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